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 Up to what dimensions can you powder coat?

 We are capable of powder coating materials up to 7.8 metres in length, 2.9 metres in height and 2.0 metres in  width with almost no restriction on weight.

 Do you accept work from private customers?

 Yes, we carry out work for both commercial and private customers, no job is too small.

 Do you offer a collection and delivery service?

 Yes, a collection and delivery service is available upon request.

 Can you powder coat plastic?

 We are unable to powder coat plastics due to the temperature of our ovens.

 Materials are cured between 180 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius depending on required gloss level  finish and therefore plastic would not withstand these temperatures. However, we can powder coat Polyamide  which is commonly found within thermally broken aluminium extrusions.

 Can you powder coat wood/MDF?

 We are unable to powder coat wood or MDF as materials are cured between 180 degrees Celsius and 200  degrees Celsius, with wood therefore not being able to withstand these temperatures. MDF however requires a  different coating process of which we are unable to offer.

 What are the benefits of a zinc powder primer?

 Our zinc rich powder primer enables added protection against corrosion to steel items which will be set  externally. It offers the same benefits as galvanising except you will receive a much smoother finish if a powder  primer is used prior to applying a top coat versus applying a top coat over galvanizing.

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